Our Projects

At Siloam, we believe every person is unique, made by God and for His purpose. We are passionate about serving others through the delivery of our projects in over 18 countries around the world. Our goal is to meet people's needs by bringing medical aid, education and social relief, in partinership with local workers.

For over 30 years we have had the privilege of working with people who find themselves in difficult and disadvantaged situations. We are dedicated and compassionate, with a heart to bring relief for medical needs, educational development and social help. Our commitment to our work is born out of a desire to serve with integrity and transparency. Working in over 18 countries around the world, supporting more than 30 projects, we believe in showing God's love in action. Many of our projects focus heavily on supporting children and giving them the best start in life, despite their circumstances and backgrounds. As a small charity we have the ability to be flexible and we are able to react quickly in times of need.

All gifts which are not designated are credited to our General Fund (where most needed) and reallocated according to the direction of the Trustees to those projects for which insufficient funds have been donated.



Latest Updates


As a result of our generous supporters this home is now open. If you would like to still help with this project we need funds to repair the roof of the original buildings. Please click on the donate button to make a donation.