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Project 051 - Siloam-India's regular budget

It costs so little to change the life of so many and to bring a smile to a mother’s face knowing that she can get emergency medical help for her child.

The Founder and President of Siloam International Dr Karl Becker (right) with Dr Sarojini Thomas (left), one of Siloam’s first eye surgeons to be employed.

Siloam project in Chennai, South India

Dear Friends,

The budget of Siloam-India each month amounts to over £10,500. Although a good portion of these funds are raised in Germany and Switzerland, I am asking our UK Siloam supporters to play a larger role in helping to support this ministry which is a practical christian witness in the Hindu heartland. Although a good number of our mission friends are helping directly by sponsoring children in our hostels for the blind, the deaf and dumb and our girls' home, their sponsorship commitments are not intended to cover all the total commitments of the hostel expenses which amount to £2,500 per month. This is what it costs to look after a 110 children and provide accommodation, education, food, clothing and medical expenses. But, if you want to sponsor a child, we will send you a photo and personal details of a particular boy or girl so you can pray for and help to support them for just £10 per month.

Our medical centres are vital in South India in remote areas as often a doctor may be miles away yet alone a hospital which although may provide free medical treatment, may be just too far away. Our medical centres and eye hospital in Chennai demand a budget each month of at least £1,200. This is in addition to our monthly budget for our eye hospital in Coimbatore which also needs to maintain a monthly budget of £1,500 paid by UK supporters.

To maintain our 56 Siloam churches, we need £2,400 each month to look after the needs of our pastors and their families as well as maintain their churches. Often the congregations are so poor that they are unable to maintain any realistic contribution. Occasionally, food or firewood is given to help a pastor’s family but this does not really meet his financial needs.

Siloam’s Golden Crown Bible College and Seminar also requires a budget of £2,500 every month to look after its 75 students and pay for all the faculty and provide food for every student for which we only allow £10 per month.

Then, we come to the item which no one wants to pay for the administration! Well, we have to pay salaries, rents and watchmen and medical staff, and many items that you would expect in any institution in South India. Although we try to keep the administration costs as low as possible, we still have to find around £1,700 per month to pay for electricity, postage, telephone, transport and also the Provident Fund which in December last year costs us an extra £3,000 because we had to pay a back payment to the Government for something like National Insurance.

So, you can see that this project is very challenging but the problem is, most of our German supporters are now getting older and frailer and unable to contribute as they did in the past. Also, the German economy is not doing as well as in previous years and many people are being forced to pay for their health care costs just like we are in the UK.

But, I believe it’s vitally important that we help to maintain this Siloam project in Chennai (formerly known as Madras) so that we can continue to have a christian witness in this spiritually dark subcontinent.

Your gift of £100 could help provide medical supplies for our clinics and eye hospital. A gift of £50 will help to supply all the needs of 2 children in one of our hostels for one month.

A gift of £60 could pay for a refractionist in our eye hospital and a gift of £90 will pay the monthly salary of a doctor, just imagine how much our GPs earn here.Whatever you can afford will be vitally appreciated. Gifts of £5, £10 and £20 will be added together to meet our monthly commitment. Last month, I sent you our annual budget proposal brochure which states that we need to give at least £1,000 from the UK. This is already really in need of updating if our colleagues in Germany are not going to be able to contribute in such a generous way as they have in the past.

Please give as generously as you can so that the projects can be maintained because this is a real life saving ministry to so many who are unable to afford proper education or medical care.

Also, it is a vital spiritual lifeline to young men who want to be equipped in our Theological Seminary to be christian workers and ministers throughout the length and breadth of India.

Please donate generously, your contribution will mean so much to those who have so little.

Yours sincerely on behalf of those in need in South India

Richard Norton
Director - Siloam UK

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